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The Scientific Ballooning Technologies Workshop will be held in the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota/Twin Cities. It is a 2.5 day workshop on May 16 - 18, 2017.

The workshop scope includes (but is not limited to) gondola design, experiment-wide data acquisition and control systems, attitude control systems, on-board control software both for the attitude control and for the entire experiment, on-board computer hardware, power systems, telemetry systems, and thermal design and control.

The workshop is particularly suitable for those who are designing and building hardware, and those interested in synergies between the activities of different ballooning groups. It will provide an opportunity for all hands-on ballooning practitioners, from graduate students to senior investigators, to discuss the technologies we are all using to carry out our scientific investigations.

Organizing Committee:

Jessica Gaskin, Shaul Hanany, Eliot Young


Keller Hall Building

Room 3-210

200 Union Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


Begins: May 16, 2017

Ends: May 18, 2017

Registration Fee: $50.00

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*Follow the blue path to the workshop venue

Advisory Committee:

Pietro Bernasconi, Philippe Coquerez, Mark Devlin, Debora Fairbrother, Hideyuki Fuke, Peter Gorham, Thomas Hams, Steve Smith

Thank you to NASA, Orbital-ATK and Applied Physics Lab, John Hopkins for their generous donations to help make this event happen.

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